The 10 Best Menopause Blog Posts of 2021

With all of the potentially life-changing symptoms associated with The Big Change, giving into the negativity of menopause’s many maladies can be tempting. Thankfully, more and more people are talking about The Big M, making its education more easily accessible. Awesome menopause blog posts, authentic stories, and humorous illustrated content share credible information while helping…

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How To Treat the Most Common Menopause Symptoms

Menopause impacts a lot of us ladies. To be specific, 6,000 of us reach menopause each day in the U.S. alone. But, everybody’s body is a unique body! That’s why menopause symptoms vary from person to person. And, even though we all experience menopause in slightly different ways, we all go through significant changes and…

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Best Menopause Gifts of 2021


As a fellow menopausal maven, you know that nothing can truly take away the angst about hot flashes, heavy periods, and painful sex as you go through The Change. That said, gifts come close, am I right?  Maybe you’re looking for menopause gifts for a menopausal bestie. Or, maybe you’re prioritizing yourself by creating your…

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How Do I Find a Menopause Specialist?


When I first started my menopausal journey, I thought that all I had to do was schedule a visit with my OBGYN. I was confident she—the one and only menopause specialist on my radar—would tell me which stage of menopause I was in, when I’d stop having my period, and how to treat menopause symptoms.…

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Signs of Menopause: What Does It Feel Like to Go Through Menopause?

Signs of Menopause

Everyone is different and charts their own unique path through the Big M. But still, have you wondered what signs of menopause you, individually, may experience? It’s a good great and very understandable question. Although we are all different, some common menopause symptoms may occur. We wish we’d all known in high school that there…

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Top 10 Supplements for Menopause


Wherever you are in your menopausal journey—perimenopause, menopause, or postmenopause—and whatever bumps in the road you may be experiencing, you’ve got as many treatment choices as a kid with $5 in a convenience store during a road trip pit stop. First and foremost, you’ve got YOU and your awareness and attitude. Next, you’ve got actions.…

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What Is the Average Menopause Age?


It comes as no surprise why menopause is often called “the change of life.” It LITERALLY changes a person’s life⁠. Exciting, right?! Although menopause symptoms aren’t all rainbows and butterflies, The Big M is not only manageable but ushers in a great new life stage full of possibilities. So, let’s look at the bright side.…

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The 11 Most Common Early Menopause Symptoms

I recently had a conversation with a girlfriend where we were talking about horrible cramps, hair breakage, and feeling exhausted 24/7. We both have younger kiddos, so she said, “I mean, but aren’t we tired all of the time?” Then, a spark of realization hit. “Oh, hold up. What if I’m going through early menopause?”…

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Do You Go Back to Normal Life After Menopause?

Have you gone an entire year without a period after menopause? Well, come on over and get a great big virtual hug from me because you made it. You get to experience life after menopause! Think of this as your body’s last hurrah of hormonal changes. You’ve conquered every hormonal hoedown: Puberty? Check. Menopause? Check.…

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Best Online Menopause Communities


Sing it with me now: 🎵 We’re all in this together 🎵. Why suffer alone when you can suffer with friends? I mean, there are millions of people going through menopause every second of the day. Instead of burying your head in a bowl of ice cream (and if you do, then I won’t judge),…

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