How To Talk About Menopause With Teens

If thanks but no thanks is your gut response to the thought of a talk about menopause with teens, you’re not alone. Most parents would rather clean out a papercut with salt and lemon juice than chat with their kids about the birds and the bees, let alone the Big Change. But, digging into the…

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PauseMeNot Glossary — List of Words and Phrases Related to Menopause


Go on any internet or book search about menopause-related topics and you’re bound to come across words and phrases that might make you feel like you just hopped off the Tilt-A-Whirl. No thank you. To make this whole menopause experience less dizzying, here’s a glossary to help you better understand medical terms and slang phrases…

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Best Menopause Gifts of 2021


As a fellow menopausal maven, you know that nothing can truly take away the angst about hot flashes, heavy periods, and painful sex as you go through The Change. That said, gifts come close, am I right?  Maybe you’re looking for menopause gifts for a menopausal bestie. Or, maybe you’re prioritizing yourself by creating your…

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Best Online Menopause Communities


Sing it with me now: 🎵 We’re all in this together 🎵. Why suffer alone when you can suffer with friends? I mean, there are millions of people going through menopause every second of the day. Instead of burying your head in a bowl of ice cream (and if you do, then I won’t judge),…

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How To Prepare for Menopause


It’s hard to plan for a trip when you’re not sure if the plane will take off today, tomorrow, or … fifteen years from now. Since no one knows the precise moment their menopausal journey will begin, it may seem impossible to know how to prepare for menopause. After all, who wants to pack their…

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