PauseMeNot Glossary — List of Words and Phrases Related to Menopause


Go on any internet or book search about menopause-related topics and you’re bound to come across words and phrases that might make you feel like you just hopped off the Tilt-A-Whirl. No thank you. To make this whole menopause experience less dizzying, here’s a glossary to help you better understand medical terms and slang phrases…

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Is Estrogen Menopause’s Miracle Solution?


Picture your ovaries. I know it’s a bit weird, but bear with me. You probably imagine them as the female sex organs that hold your eggs. Once a month, one or the other of your ovaries “plops” out an egg, and your fallopian tubes carry it down to your uterus. If you sat through those…

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Irregular Periods and Menopause


Has your Aunt Flo been super reliable your whole life? As in, can you count on her to come on or around the same time with the same amount of baggage (i.e. cramps, bloating … typical PMS symptoms) and leave around the same time every month? I hate to break it to you, but those…

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Menopause and Breast Cancer: Is It Safe to Use Hormone Replacement Therapy?


Open up Google, type in “Menopause and,” and see the results. You’ll probably see these phrases populate your search bar: menopause and night sweats, menopause and insomnia, menopause and breast cancer, menopause and breast pain, menopause and anxiety, menopause and hair loss. With all of these “ailments,” where’s the menopause and treatments option? Where is…

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How To Know You Are Menopausal: Menstrual Cycles and Menopause

Aunt Flo, Red Wedding (any Game of Thrones fans out there?), Time of the Month, Code Red, Leak Week, Girl Flu (as opposed to the man flu … don’t even get me started), Shark Week, monthlies … the list goes on. If you have even had one period, you’ve probably heard these lovely nicknames. But,…

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Blood Pressure and Menopause


You might be reading up on menopause symptoms when you notice “blood pressure.” But what does blood pressure have to do with The Big M? How are they connected? When people enter menopause, changes occur in the body, from biological and hormonal changes to—you guessed it—changes in blood pressure. Let’s talk about blood pressure and…

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7 Must-Watch Menopause Videos

Does the idea of reading 700-page books cover to cover to get educated about menopause feel daunting? Are you searching Dr. Google to find the perfect articles, infographics, and posts only to be left feeling overwhelmed? Short menopause videos chock full of stats, facts, and credible information may be more your speed. What Are the…

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What Are the Best Medical Treatments for Menopause?


When it comes to the perimenopause-to-menopause journey, you could let your symptoms knock you over like a pin in a bowling alley. Or, you could decide, “I’m not the pin, I’m the bowling ball!” and spare yourself the stress while striking down the voices that tell you you can’t conquer this life stage. You know what…

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The 10 Best Menopause Blog Posts of 2021

With all of the potentially life-changing symptoms associated with The Big Change, giving into the negativity of menopause’s many maladies can be tempting. Thankfully, more and more people are talking about The Big M, making its education more easily accessible. Awesome menopause blog posts, authentic stories, and humorous illustrated content share credible information while helping…

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