Must-Buy Menopause Products

Do one Google search for “the best must-buy menopause products” and I’m sure you’ll want to pack a bag and take a hike out of Menopause town. There are many products out there that claim to address menopause and associated symptoms. As is the case with all product lines, some menopause products are better than others. So, how can you figure out what will work? Well, for starters, you can check out this list. Give some of these products a try and let me know how they work.

Also, friend to friend, I understand how difficult this life phase can be to manage. I want the very best products for you to help you navigate your way through menopause and reduce the severity/duration of menopausal symptoms. During menopause, your entire body—both the physical you and emotional you—will feel the impact. So, how can you manage these changes? Whether you choose the self-informed healthcare route, see a naturopath or holistic doctor, or visit with your OBGYN or another physician, taking advantage of the many available menopause treatments is critical to enjoying (and let’s be honest, simply surviving) the journey.

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What Are Must-Buy Menopause Products?

As we all know, diet and lifestyle changes can really help improve menopause symptoms. But, what if doing those things aren’t enough? What if you’re constantly fighting the menopausal uphill battle day in and day out? Well, I’ve got your back. Here are some products that might just help you get off the menopause struggle bus.

Menopause Products for Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

  • Cucumber Clothing: “Their technologies use everything from volcanic minerals to specially chopped fibres to help cool you down, keep you smelling fresh and keep sweat away when the temperature rises.”
  • Fifty One Apparel: “Menopause clothing designed to help with hot flushes. Hot flushes and night sweats shouldn’t stop you from enjoying life — so don’t let them. Our stylish collection of menopause day, lounge and nightwear keeps you cool no matter how hot you get. You should never be held back by your menopause symptoms, so all our clothes have been designed to be worn at home or the office, to bed or at the gym. It’s up to you.”  
  • Hot Girls Pearls: “Hot Girls Pearls cooling jewelry are the chicest and stylish way to stay cool. Our patented light-weight jewelry is filled with non-toxic gel that won’t leak or sweat. Freeze for at least 4 hours for instant cooling relief- great for hot flashes and hot days.”
  • Koldtec: “Koldtec has created Wearable Cooling Gear that is stylish and really works! Their patented FlexIce keeps you 5X colder than an ordinary ‘wet’ cooling towel. Why cool with water when you can have the deep freeze of real ice? Up to 2 hours of continuous cooling with your 2 FlexIce strips! So many colors to choose from too!”
  • Menopod: “The Menopod™ incorporates patented technology, providing nearly instant cooling relief. It cools within seconds to 5°C (41°F) and, when applied to the neck, helps alleviate the severity of hot flashes. This elegant device is portable and offers convenient and quick USB charging capabilities. Along with its sleek and beautiful look, the Menopod™ is durable and easy to operate.”

Menopause Products for Emotional Changes

  • BodyLogicMD: “The supplements available through BodyLogicMD, however, are high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade supplements and are guaranteed to be more effective than over-the-counter supplements of uncertain origin. These supplements are useful in the relief of a wide range of symptoms and conditions, including mood swings and the various symptoms that can contribute to mood swings.”
  • Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration: “Start Where You Are is an interactive journal designed to help readers nurture their creativity, mindfulness, and self-motivation. It helps readers navigate the confusion and chaos of daily life with a simple reminder: that by taking the time to know ourselves and what those dreams are, we can appreciate the world around us and achieve our dreams.”
  • Unbothered Journal: “This is a 60 day journal focused on unburdening yourself of anxious thoughts and overthinking by empowering you to find your inner place of peace. It includes 60 days worth of journal prompts (~10 minutes per day), quotes and reflections.”

Menopause Products for Hormonal Changes

  • Go with The Flow Hormone Balance for Women – Supports All Hormonal Stages: Go With The Flow is a 100% natural way for you to balance your hormones so that you can go with the flow of your hormonal cycle & all of the changes that come with it. Each herb included has been formulated with YOU in mind and is effective for the current hormonal stage you’re in.
  • Chasteberry: The balancing effects of chasteberry on the hormonal levels in the body provides relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause including hot flashes, sleeplessness, & depression. It also provides relief from the monthly symptoms of PMS, which includes bloating, cramps, acne, breast tenderness, & mood swings.
  • Black Cohosh Root: This plant helps reduce hot flashes, sleep disturbances, & irritability. It also is an effective mood support by activating serotonin receptors in the brain, giving you an overall more positive/happier mood.
  • Gelatinized Maca Root: Helps to alleviate cramping, enhances energy, & regulates mood swings. It does this by stimulating the endocrine gland which results in hormonal stabilization.
  • Dong Quai: The ligustilide contained in Dong Quai produces antispasmodic & anti-inflammatory effects which are a remedy for cramping. It also treats menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes & dizziness.

Menopause Products for Physical Changes

  • Estroven Menopause Relief + Weight Management: “Estroven Menopause Relief + Weight goes beyond relieving hot flashes and night sweats to safely help manage weight.* During menopause your serotonin levels naturally decline during menopause, which can result in feelings of hunger, a less efficient metabolism, and moodiness. Estroven Menopause Relief + Weight also contains naturally sourced Synetrim CQ, clinically studied to balance declining serotonin levels which is important for managing weight.”
  • Bossa Bars: “Bossa Bars are delicious all-natural, low calorie, guilt-free energy bars created specifically for women to help manage sugar cravings, weight loss, and energy levels during the challenging stages of menopause.”

Menopause Products for Body Positivity

  • Workout clothes: It is estimated that the average amount of weight gained during menopause is 2-5 pounds. Regular exercise can help maintain a healthy weight and relieve stress. “Choosing the right material for leggings, sports bras and tops can make or break your fitness regime.”
  • Weights: “Make the most of your workout: These 5-in-1 adjustable dumbbells make your workout easier, allowing for swapping in lighter and heavier free weights mid-workout while you are training in the gym or at home.”
  • Yoga Mats: “2012 study found evidence that yoga can help to relieve the psychological symptoms of menopause, such as irritability, depression, anxiety and sleep problems.”
  • Zumba: “The Zumba® program is a fitness-party with a contagious blend of Latin and international rhythms that provides a fun and effective workout to a global community, either at home or in the gym.”

Menopause Products for Skin Changes

  • Bioeffect EGF Serum: “The groundbreaking original BIOEFFECT formula that’s taken the world by storm, EGF Serum uses only seven ingredients to maximize your complexion’s hydration and firmness. Developed in Iceland from Nobel Prize-winning science, this brightening, anti-aging, and anti-wrinkle serum is powerful, but gentle. It rehydrates, firms, increases skin thickness and density, restores the skin’s natural radiance and youthful appearance, and minimizes the appearance of sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles. Consumer studies have shown visible results in as little as 4-6 days, while Karl Lagerfeld named EGF Serum one of his top 10 essentials in French Vogue.”
  • Glo Skin Beauty Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil: “Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil Drops (formerly known as “Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil”) from Glo Skin Beauty is a moisturizing formula that hydrates and conditions aging skin, including acne and sensitive-prone complexions. A blend of squalane, argan, jojoba and sunflower oils boost moisture levels, nourish the skin, and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The multi-use formula also targets dry areas of the body like elbows, heels, and cuticles.
  • Pause Collagen Boosting Moisturizer: “The Pause Collagen Boosting Moisturizer hydrates, adds volume, firms, lifts, and brightens aging skin. This moisturizing cream sparks collagen production helping to increase skin density, increase elasticity, and tighten facial contours, all while leaving skin smooth & silky. Production of collagen, the structural support net in our skin, slows as we age. Our deeply hydrating day-and-night moisturizer helps to spark collagen production, with a focus on increasing skin density and improving elasticity during the three stages of menopause. Powered by our proprietary Pause Complex, this instantly absorbed moisturizer aids in cell turnover to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”
  • SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair: “SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair is a fantastic option for repairing and protecting eye-area skin, says Engelman, who works with the brand’s parent company, Allergan. Its rich texture supplies plumping moisture with hyaluronic acid in order to diminish dehydration lines and increase radiance and brightness,” she explains. Furthermore, antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E condition and brighten. But it may be the peptides she appreciates the most. “When applied topically to the skin, peptides send cellular signals instructing cell function — one of which is to create more collagen.” 

Menopause Products for Sleep Changes

  • BedJet: Whether you suffer from overheating, night sweats, just can’t seem to get warm at night or are battling with your partner over the thermostat, BedJet has a combo bed cooling and electric bed warmer to improve your sleep. The BedJet Climate Comfort System’s silky quiet digital DC motor, cooling bed fan and ultra-rapid warming technology let you find your own perfect sleep temperature on-demand. Because BedJet is the most powerful cooling and heating product available in the bedding industry, the cooling and heating is felt nearly instantly. The BedJet’s biorhythm sleep technology lets you program automated and customized cooling/heating settings for every hour of the night.
  • DermaTherapy: “DermaTherapy® bedding is engineered with advanced fabrics to provide a cleaner, drier and hypoallergenic sleeping experience. Our scientists have created the only patented and FDA-cleared bedding available and continue to innovate solutions for those who live with menopause, pressure sores, and various skin conditions that hinder the ability to get a good night’s rest. For the first time, real beauty sleep isn’t just a dream.”
  • Woolroom: “Woolroom is a natural bedding company that offers a range of ethically sourced wool products that work with your body instead of against it and are extremely effective for women at all different stages of menopause. Wool helps you stay at a stable temperature all night long, naturally absorbing moisture and releasing it back into the air. This reduces the effects of hot flashes in an effective way, creating a significantly better sleep for menopausal women.”

Menopause Products for All Natural Needs (Supplements)

Friendly disclaimer: Supplements are just one slice of the menopausal treatment pie. While supplements can help balance out those pesky hormones, not all supplements are created equal. If you search long enough, then you might get overwhelmed by the number of supplement options available. Rest easy! We’ve done some research for you. Here are 10 of the most talked-about supplements for menopause, along with the info about the particular symptoms each one addresses, possible side effects, and drug interactions. Below are actual products you could consider purchasing if you and your healthcare provider think supplements are a good fit for you:

  • A. Vogel Menopause Support: “Soy isoflavones are mild plant oestrogens that can help by balancing some of the common symptoms of menopause, such as hot flushes and night sweats. In this supplement, the isoflavones are taken from an extract of soya beans. The product contains other nutrients, too, including magnesium, which may help ease tiredness and fatigue, common issues around menopause. And because it’s gentle, you can use it even if you’re taking HRT, although it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor first. Furthermore, the price makes it a good-quality option for most budgets.”
  • Amberen: “This review takes a look at Amberen Multi-Symptom Menopause Relief to help you decide whether or not it is worth purchasing. This menopause formula is designed to provide support to managing the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause as well as restore hormonal balance. It contains various minerals and amino acids, but it is missing many of the ingredients typically found in a menopause support supplement. Continue reading to learn more about Amberen and if it is worth purchasing.” 
  • Estroven Menopause Relief + Mood Once-Daily Supplement: “Menopause can come with all sorts of symptoms – daily stress, irritability, menopausal anxiety – not to mention the hot flashes and night sweats! The ingredients in Estroven Menopause Relief + Mood go beyond relieving hot flashes and night sweats to help manage not only your mood & memory, but also your daily stress so you won’t miss a beat. Estroven Menopause Relief + Mood also contains naturally-sourced Black Cohosh Extract, plus Soy Isoflavones, to help reduce the frequency & severity of hot flashes and night sweats.”
  • DIM Supplement: “DIM (Diindolyl-methane) is a dynamic DIM supplement that supports the body’s estrogen balance. DIM supplements provide support for women for menopause, PCOS, acne, weight loss, and skincare*. It also provides support for men as an aromatase inhibitor and estrogen blocker- aiding in weight loss, lean body mass, and prostate health. DIM by SMNutrition is the only Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified, and Gluten Intolerance Group Certified DIM supplement on the market. This is the top-selling Aromatase Inhibitor, Bodybuilding Supplement, Women’s Health Product, and Menopause Supplement on the market. Each capsule provides 200mg of DIM, and every bottle contains a 2-month supply.”
  • Logos Nutritionals Eve’s Harmony: “Eve’s Harmony, manufactured by Logos Nutritionals is the subject of our current review in which we are going to decide if it is as effective as advertised or not. This product is advertised as an appropriate solution for symptoms often associated with menopause. The producers state that the product will help with night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, sleeplessness and irritability. What’s more, it even claims to aid with palpitations, memory loss, vaginal dryness, loss of libido and even headaches and muscle pain.”
  • Menoherb Black Cohosh: “This product, from respected herbal medicines company Schwabe, is based on black cohosh, currently one of the most-researched herbs for menopausal symptoms. A perennial plant native to North America and traditionally used by native Americans to help in female health conditions, recent studies suggest it may have a role in menopause, particularly hot flushes, night sweats and those pesky mood issues that come and go, such as irritability and restlessness. You’re getting pure black cohosh here, so this isn’t the product for you if you’re looking for a supplement with other nutrients, but it’s safe to take alongside a multivitamin. As black cohosh may have hormone-like actions, this isn’t one to take if you’re on HRT or other hormonal treatments, or if you may be pregnant.”
  • Menoprin Natural Menopause Support: “Menoprin is by far one of the best products on the market for quickly relieving the plethora of symptoms associated with menopause. We  have reviewed many products that claim to support menopause and found that none work, as well as, Menoprin does. The manufacturer promises that its product will decrease many of the symptoms often caused by menopause.”
  • Nova Menostage: “This review for Menostage, manufactured by Nova will help inform and advise customers on whether or not to purchase this product. The supplement is advertised as the ideal remedy for women who have started having menopause symptoms. The manufacturers state that it can help relieve irritability, depression, insomnia and even forgetfulness.*  It is said to also be effective against hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness and loss of libido.”
  • Specialist Supplements MENOstage: “This product review will give you an idea of how MENOstage, manufactured by Specialist Supplements, works and whether or not it would be a smart choice. The dietary supplement we are analyzing is said to be an herbal menopause support. It claims to bring the body to a natural balance and promote a general state of well-being.”

Menopause Products for Vaginal Changes

  • Aloe Cadabra: “Aloe Cadabra® is the premium all Natural 2-in-1 personal lubricant and vaginal moisturizer. It is FDA-cleared for your safety and certified to NSF organic standards for your health. Aloe Cadabra® is packed with over 95% Organic Aloe Vera.”
  • Attn: Grace: “The purest protection for bladder leaks. High performance, body-and-earth-friendly liners, pads, and briefs.”
  • Rosebud Woman: “We make exquisite intimate skin and body care formulations to support all of the stages of a woman’s sensual, sexual and reproductive life, from menarche to menopause and beyond. We offer solutions for arousal, moisture, calming, freshness and resilience, and cultivate comfort and pleasure through all of the cycles in a woman’s life.”
  • Tabu: “Featuring a lightweight, discreet massager and organic, healing lubricant, The Kit is designed to help you confidently kick off and maintain your sexual wellness routine.”
  • VuvaTech: “The product can be used for a variety of conditions including vaginal atrophy: Vaginal Atrophy is thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls that may occur when your body has less estrogen causing pelvic pain and painful intercourse during sexual activity.”


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